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Rhodes University

Faculty of Pharmacy

P.O.Box 94
6140, Grahamstown
South Africa

The Rhodes University Faculty of Pharmacy is dedicated to achieving excellence in an environment of interdisciplinary co-operation, and mutual respect, consistent with the mission of the University and with the mission of the profession of Pharmacy

Community engagement is one of the key focus areas in the Faculty of Pharmacy. Academic members of staff in the Faculty contribute to policy decision-making in provincial and national arenas involving the use, management and distribution of medicine and the training of health professionals.


The mission of the Faculty is to promote pharmaceutical care through education, research, scholarship, creative endeavour and service. Thus its priorities are to:
    •    Prepare its students for entry into the practice of pharmacy as informed, caring and ethical citizens and professionals;
    •    Prepare pharmaceutical scholars and researchers through professional, undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral programmes of distinction;
    •    Conduct postgraduate education to advance the knowledge, expertise and competence of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists;
    •    Analyse and apply knowledge about pharmaceutical products and services, and their use in society through basic and applied research and to advance, communicate and preserve that knowledge;
    •    Promote, facilitate and conduct educational programmes to extend the knowledge of drugs and the rational and cost-effective use of medicines.

The course for the BPharm degree is four years’ duration. The degree meets the academic requirements laid down by the South African Pharmacy Council and entitles holders who are either South African Citizens or permanent residents to apply for registration as a pharmacist after serving an internship and subsequently completing one year of community service in the public sector.

The University is prepared to consider recognizing prior learning by granting credits to students who have obtained credits in such courses or equivalent courses at another university or institution recognised by the Senate for the purpose, subject to the provisions of Rule G.46 of the General Rules. The number of places in second-year Pharmacy is limited. Preference will be given to students who have completed their first year at Rhodes University. Performance in a course is assessed in terms of:
    •    the results of prescribed examinations; and/or
    •    assessment of such essays, exercises, tests, reports, assignments and practical work as may be prescribed for a course.

The registration in the Faculty of Pharmacy of any student who is convicted for the illegal use or possession of any drug or medicinal substance in a court of law (in any country) may be terminated by the Vice-Chancellor after consultation with the Dean
of the Faculty of Pharmacy.